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06/21/2010. General Directorate of Veterinary Medicine from the State Veterinary and Food of the State Inspectorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Foodstuffs of Belarus informs that according to the International Epizootic Office (Paris), Kazakhstan (Aqmola) registered animal cases of foot and mouth

On this basis, the Directorate of Veterinary State Veterinary and Food Inspection of the State of 18 June 2010 introduced temporary restrictions on imports into the territory of the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan FMD susceptible animals, all kinds of animal products, including finished products, and feed of animal origin and other raw materials and products derived from the slaughter of FMD susceptible animals, and forage plants only from Akmola region.

At the same time abolished the previously issued permits for import into the territory of the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan goods controlled by State Veterinary Inspection. Goods are shipped from Kazakhstan 18 and 19 June 2010 subject to clearance under the established rules.

The heads of organizations of all forms of ownership, as well as the owners of animals in private farms producing and processing agricultural products, it is recommended to take additional measures to prevent the introduction of the FMD agent at the site.