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12/05/2010. The outcome of the organizations the Ministry of Agriculture, January-March 2010 on exported goods worth 478 million U.S. dollars or 136 % compared to January-March 2009, in communicating prognosis indicators 125 %

for the period increased shipments in the kind of beef (at 1.23 times), poultry (2,1 times), sausage products (1,6), canned meat (at 1.37 times), eggs, edible ( at 3.4 %), flax (in 7,8 times).

Predominant in the commodity structure of exports of subordinate organizations are the following items: dairy products (59%), meat and meat products (32.4), casein (1,7), eggs (1,8).

The increase in exports in value terms in 2010 due primarily to an increase in export prices of major export products.

Thus, the average export price in January-March 2010, compared with January-March 2009 increased: for flour, at 9.6 %, pork — by 9.5 %, beef — by 11,5 %, poultry meat — in 4 per cent, butter — by 72.3 %, cheese and curd — by 40.2 %, non-fat dry milk in 2,5 times, whole milk powder — 2,2 times, casein — to 76.3 % egg — at 43.7 %.

The Russian Federation is the main foreign trade partner organizations subordinate to the Ministry of Agriculture. According to the National Statistics Committee in January-March 2010 godapostavleno in Russia, products amounting to 442.5 million U.S. dollars or 145% over the same period of 2009. The share of the Russian Federation in total exports amounted to 92,6% and increased in comparison with January-March 2009 by 5,8 percentage points.

During this period of the Russian Federation imported goods worth 42.2 million U.S. dollars, or 127% of the corresponding period last year.

The balance of trade with Russia is positive — 400.3 million.

In the past period the organization of the Ministry of Agriculture to sell its products in 65 Russian regions (60 regions in the January-March 2009), of which Moscow is the main buyer. The share of Moscow in the total exports of subordinate organizations in the Russian Federation in January-March of this year 26%.

Of the other regions of Russia the largest share of exports accounted for the Moscow region (17,9% of exports to Russia), Saint-Petersburg (14,8), Smolensk (14,5), Bryansk (3,8), Nizhny Novgorod (1,8), Kaliningrad (1,2% of exports to Russia) region.

Export production in the CIS countries except Russia, was in January-March 2010 15.7 million U.S. dollars and fell to the same period of 2008 to 50,5%. The main types of exports to these countries of the CIS are: dairy products (84,5% of total exports), eggs (4,6%), meat (2,5%).

Exports of goods to foreign countries amounted to over January-March 2010 19.8 million U.S. dollars, or 133,7% to January-March 2009, including the EU of goods sold amounting to 18,8 million USD, which amounted to 156.7% as against the same period last year. The main types of export products in foreign countries are: casein (40.9% of all exports), rapeseed (9,5), rapeseed oil (12,9), bovine hides (26,4).

Total for the period under review subordinate organizations were involved in exports to 35 countries against 29 in January-March 2009.

During January-March 2010 imports of organizations formed the Ministry of Agriculture in the amount of 149,2 million USD or 104.9 per cent to the fact January-March 2009, in communicating your current forecast indicators 114–115%. Export growth rate exceeded the growth rate of imports at 31.1 percent.

In the imports the largest share falls on agricultural machinery, equipment and spare parts to them (35,9%), raw protein (14), Poultry (2), pork for industrial processing (6,4), fertilizers (19,3 ).

Between January and March 2010 reduced purchases by value of fish meal — by 37,2% and, machinery and equipment — by 1,5% and other products.

Total January-March 2010 foreign trade balance was positive by the Ministry of Agriculture in the amount of 328.8 million U.S. dollars (the forecast of 300 million dollars.) And increased compared to the same period last year to 57,1%.